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5 Essential Products That Make Online Learning Easier

As the third week of classes rolls around for students, the novelty of a new semester is wearing off, and homework, quizzes, and exams are starting to pile up. Sylly week is over and we’re slowly reaching the bulkiest part of the semester. The fact that at least some of your classes are online doesn’t help. 


Whether you’re fully online, or enrolled in hybrid classes, I’m sure you understand how digital learning is a very different experience than in-person classes. However, with the help of these five products, Zoom classes don’t have to be something we dread.


1. Blue Light Glasses


It seems like all of the sudden, blue light glasses are the *new* thing. Whether or not they actually work is still up for debate… The glasses supposedly block blue light waves that are harmful to your eyes. Blue light waves are emitted from almost all digital devices, so Zoom University students are in a difficult position, and skipping class to prevent eye strain isn’t going to go over well with your professors. 


As an owner of blue light glasses, I can’t tell you if they make me have less Zoom-induced headaches, but I can confirm that they are as cute as you’d think.

Here are some suggestions:


2. Reading Pillow


This product is a personal favorite of mine. You’d be hard-pressed to find a college student that hasn’t been tempted to buy one from his/her local Bed Bath & Beyond (AKA the Holy Grail of apartment supplies). 


A reading pillow is a healthy medium between lying in bed and sitting at your desk for online class. It maximizes comfort, which is 100% necessary if we’re meant to be learning from our bedrooms. 

You can find these pretty much anywhere that sells dorm/apartment supplies, but here are some recommendations: 


3. Bluetooth Headphones


If you’re a hybrid student like me, meaning you have both in-person and online classes, you may know the difficulty of having an online class just ten minutes after an in-person lecture. This has resulted in me frantically searching for a secluded part of the library before my class. I can honestly say there is nothing worse than scrambling to find a quiet space in an already packed library.


Even if you don’t have this exact issue, I’m sure you’re familiar with trying to take a class while your roommates cannot stop talking (no offense to my roomies).This is where bluetooth headphones come in! Being able to listen to your classes while freely moving around the kitchen, making your daily Kraft mac-n-cheese, perfectly encapsulates The College Experience.


I am biased as a current Airpods owner, but here are some good options: 


4. Planner


There are a few different options that would work for this product. A digital planner (such as a Calendar app) could work, but I like having a hard copy version to manage all of my work. With all of my assignments being online, it feels easy to forget when things are due. Having a planner keeps all of my homework organized. 


It feels anti-Gen Z of me, but I honestly do prefer, and recommend, having a physical planner instead of an app. Here are some that I honestly just like the look of:


5. Room Decor

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t exactly an “essential,” but it comes highly recommended. It’s important to spice up your room, especially when you’re going to be spending so much time there. With online classes, your room isn’t your room anymore. Your room is now Lecture Hall 1, where you’ll sit for an hour and 25 minutes every Tuesday/Thursday. Having some decor makes staring at the wall while your professor is lecturing a bit more interesting.


The great thing about wall decor is that for only a few dollars, you can really change the vibe of your room. Here are some examples: 


In all honesty, you don’t *need* to have these products to excel this semester, but they might help. However, you do need to remember to get enough sleep, eat three meals a day, and take some breaks. Seriously, online learning is not easy, but you can do it. And remember, at TRC, we’re here for you.