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Twin River Commons is More than Housing. It's a Home.

We asked Binghamton University Students about the meaning of the words house and home and what makes two words that many people consider synonymous so different to them. We got many different answers, but a theme that quickly became apparent is that the word house was typically associated with a physical space while the word home was more often associated with things like coziness, warmth, and love.


At Twin River Commons, we believe that the terms house and home are both crucial as are the associations that go with both. Although the idea of a place being cozy, warm, and full of love is wonderful, without the right physical space, it’s incredibly difficult for the home to take shape.


That’s why we have built Twin River Commons in such a way that the physical space is remarkably conducive to the less tangible, but equally important feelings that come about when that space becomes a home. Our units are not only spacious and inviting, but intimate as well. Each resident has their own bedroom and bathroom allowing for a feeling of privacy and comfort while the common areas contain beautiful modern spaces for them to entertain guests and create lifelong bonds with their roomates. Our residents also have round the clock access to incredible amenities including a modern fitness center, luxurious game room, state of the art tanning bed, and much much more! Our reasoning is simple. These features of the common spaces and private areas were designed to provide the functional comfort of a house while at the same time making sure our residents never have to question our dedication when it comes to ensuring the space is a home.

That is just part of what makes Twin River Commons so much more than a building. It was never just that to begin with and every day we strive to make it so much more!

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