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Managing Pre-finals Stress


Thanksgiving is over and that means one thing. It's almost finals season and that comes with something that nobody likes and everybody's got. Stress. Check out these amazing ways to alleviate, or at least manage your stress in this pre-finals season! 

Listening to music isn't just a fantastic way to help you stay focused when you're studying for your organic chemistry final which you've been dreading all semester. It can also help you relax when that pre-finals stress starts to creep in. Check out these amazing wireless earbuds and start listening to music today! Trust us, it makes everything better. 


Working out isn't just good for your body. It's one of the best ways to take care of your mind as well! Not only will it help you focus on something other than all the work you need to do, it will release endorphins in your brain which boost self esteem, reducing depression, and reduce stress and anxiety and if there's one thing we all have in surplus come finals season, it's stress and anxiety! Don't have time to get to a gym or go for a run? Check out this amazing at home workout!


Self care is all the rage these days. There are countless blogs, YouTube channels, and books published on the subject of self care, but let's be real; very few of us actually spend enough time if any on this crucial activity. It can be scary trying to figure out exactly the best way to engage in self care when you're already so stressed to begin with, so here are some incredible ideas to get you started!  


Few things feel worse than waking up with a large workload and what seems like an impossible amount of work to get done and not knowing where to begin. Budgeting your time and planning ahead can be an incredible way of mitigating this stressor and whether you have an actual planner or prefer amazing planning apps like Evernote, we recommend that everyone finds a planning method that works for them!

At Twin River Commons, we don't just care about our residents' academic success. We want them to feel good while they're crushing those finals and getting those As. That's why so many of the amenities at Twin River Commons from the fully stocked game room to the state of the art gym are geared towards helping our residents feel good! 

How do you like to destress come finals time? Comment below!