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YMCA Keeping Us Healthy at Home

Caroline Finck
With our new extended stays inside and at home, it can be difficult to maintain a workout routine. Whether you relied on going to the gym or working out with a friend, our healthy routines are being interrupted by the current world events. The YMCA is trying to help with that! While all of their branches have closed in response to COVID-19, they’ve shifted their attention to their online platforms. They’ve recently announced 60 free online exercise classes for adults and youth programs. These programs include boot camp, barre, yoga, weightlifting, boxing, Tai Chi, and more!

All pre-recorded videos are available on their website and they are in the process of releasing more videos for adults, spiritual and emotional support videos, and programs for children in the coming months. In addition to pre-recorded classes, live classes will be able to be access on the YMCA’s social media accounts! The YMCA knows that your mental health is just as important as your physical health! Their Instagram account features guided meditation and relaxation techniques to help combat the stress and anxiety of our current situation!

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